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Are you an avid reader who just can't find enough to read?  Check out these books.

Are you an avid reader who just can't find enough to read?  Check out the Readers' Advisory Online Book Blog.

NoveList Plus Online Database

NoveList Plus is a "Reader's Paradise" of over 143,000 titles for all ages. 

Use your favorite author to link to other books you might enjoy.  For example, Grisham fans can find over 200 other legal thrillers they might like to read and you can locate hundreds of fantasies with young heroes!

Here's what you can do in NoveList Plus:

  • Find a Favorite Author: Enter a favorite author's name to get a list of all titles by that author.  Then click on one of the title links to go to the title record and select Find Similar Books to find more titles.
  • Find a Favorite Title: You can enter a favorite title.  At the title record, you can select the Find Similar Books button to find more titles like the one you enjoyed.
  • Describe a Plot: Enter words that describe elements in a story that you would like to read such as genres (e.g., mysteries, westerns), location (e.g., England, New York), time period (e.g., 20th century, medieval), character type (e.g., ten year olds, artists) and more
  • Find Articles and Lists: NoveList's articles and lists include: Author Read-alikes, Book Discussion Guides, Feature Articles, Explore (genre) lists and Awards lists. 

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